May 2016 Graduation – a butchers into the beyond

Week 3 of the pre-course felt like real progress. We’d each made a thing and were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves. That is, until graduation happened.


We were all invited to head along to the graduation ceremony for the May 2016 cohort – two intakes above our lowly selves. They’d been hard at work for the last two weeks of the course devising, creating and fine-tuning their final projects to intimidate us present to us at their graduation.

Now – I was all ready to be impressed. I’d had a quiet yet stern word with myself beforehand: Abigail, do not be alarmed. Retain composure. You will be totally capable of creating such things in three months time holy cow is that a programmable smart mirror?!

Yes, there were some terrifyingly good projects on show. Showcased alongside the motion-sensing, widget-screening mirror of the future, there were geo-locating shopping apps, the new Pokémon Go and a search engine built completely from scratch using Elixir – a language only a couple of years old in which no-one has ever built a search engine. Yah.

Once the initial shock to the system had subsided, the excitement started to kick in. Or was it the beer? Unsure. But whatever it was, it felt good. I could legitimately be making these things in just three months time – it’s actually within my reach – and that is super exciting.

For anyone wanting to see the presentations for themselves, everything was live-streamed on the Makers Facebook page – it’s well worth a watch!


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