Code Review – names, planes and testing pains

As my last post was a little ‘Dear Diary’, I thought I’d make this one more ‘Cold Hard Coding’ with a bit of post-project analysis.

Doesn’t that sound thrilling, one-and-only reader? Oh you know it does. Please tell me it does. No seriously, please. Please stay.

Our first weekend challenge was very similar to our first project in that it involved storing objects (planes) in other objects (airports) and controlling their state (airborne) by sending messages between those objects (Land! Take off!). (more…)


Week 1 -Boris bikes and coding spikes

Holy moly, I’m a week old Makers fledgling. I can’t quite decide whether it’s flown by, or I’ve been here all my life and have known nothing else. A mixture of the two I guess.

In fact, there’s a small risk that there’s been so much to learn and get excited about, that my brain has given up on attempting to hold events in a chronological order and perception of time has simply fallen by the wayside. (more…)

Pre-course week 4 – each peach pair fizzbuzz

‘Twas the week before Makers
And all through Google campus
The creatures were pairing
And… engaging their… hippocampus.

Hippocampuses? Hippocampi? I really don’t know – I have already wasted too much time on ‘spitting sick flowz’ to Google the answer. But I challenge you to find a better rhyme. Yes, I could have changed ‘campus’ for a snappier ending, but I thrive on the thrill of factual accuracy. I mean, who doesn’t? #amiright (more…)

Pre-course week 3 – Ruby rookie

Pre-course week 3. Otherwise known as ‘The One Where I Made A Thing’.

You know, A Thing.

Like, an actual thing Thing.

You may tell me that this Thing, on a level of one to mind-numbingly-boring, is nestled right between Alan Titchmarsh and water biscuits. And you may tell me that this Thing is, quite frankly, overwhelmingly underwhelming. Oh and you may well tell me, my friend, that this Thing is in fact someone else’s thing that has been made a million times before, a million times better. (more…)

Makers Academy interview – an interlude

During the process of applying to Makers Academy, I found current and ex-students’ blogs really useful in a number of different ways.

Firstly, and most importantly, I found them better than any ‘course review’ website or press article for forming an idea of what life at MA would actually be like. Sure, there were great articles posted all over the internet and heaps of really useful information to be gleaned from their website, but I also wanted to hear it from the people actually living it – give me the grizzly bits too. (more…)