Pre-course week 1 – let’s Git it on

After becoming acquainted with the command line, we were introduced to another new friend this week – version control. Now version control may not immediately ooze sex appeal, but from what we’ve learnt so far it does appear to be pretty fundamental in getting past first base as a developer.

In a nutshell, Git is the most widely used version control system favoured by developers all over the world. It allows users to take snapshots of projects/filesystems as they stand at any moment in time, lets you branch out into parallel universes and miraculously revert back to previous milestones with relative ease. In short:



Pre-course week 1 – taking command

So, week one of the pre-course is complete. I’ve attended my first coding meet up with the team, solved a murder mystery using the command line and pushed code to GitHub for the very first time. Baby steps.

Let’s go through some of what I’ve learnt so far! (more…)

Developer in development

And so it begins. The developer is in development.

Six months ago I left my job as a corporate tax adviser to ‘travel the world‘. Already sounds horribly cliche, right? I travelled, I ate, I had a minor motorbike crash, and I asked myself some pretty serious life questions – including but not limited to the following:

  • do I really need this third smoothie?
  • can I remember the last time I wasn’t sweating?
  • do I feel happy, challenged and fulfilled in my current career?
  • do I smell?

Contemplating these four fundamental life questions, I realised I could only truthfully answer ‘yes’ to one of them: laundry services were disappointingly below par in Myanmar. (more…)